The long wait is over, I’ve decided to release my long lost gamemode, Sledbuild.

I’m not entirely sure which version this is but I’m pretty sure it’s the latest before a sandbox update which broke a few features of it so I took the server offline and ended my dedicated server hosting.

This will not entirely work 100%, there are some bugs and limitations due to the above so it will need some patching up. The coding may be a little messy in places, this was my first gamemode I learnt to code LUA with.

All I ask is that you keep the rules and regulations in tact like sled sizes, toolgun restrictions and restricted props (these all help to add to the competition, with these removed the gamemode was VERY boring as the same people created the same sled over and over and won everytime, this made people quit my server and never return to it)

This is not for faint hearted dedicated servers, I managed to get 2000+ races before a server crash, that was my record.

I recommend that 16 player slots is the maximum you host as you’ll start hitting source engine limitations (crashes) often.

Please give me credit if you decide to revive this unique gamemode.

Special Thanks to:
-G3X [Coding and Development / Gamemode Concept]
-ReaperSWE [Coding and Development / HUD & GUI Development]
-Borsty [Coding and Development / Mapping]
-Pk191 [Music / SFX]
-BurntFaceMan [Testing]
-Exilion [Testing]
-Aztec [Testing]
-Metroid48 [LUA Help]
-Kylegar [LUA Help]


Gamemode Download

Alternative Link:

Map Download

Alternative Link:

Holy jesus you read the other thread!
Also: you should probably include the download for the map:

Update ready. (This is the entire /sledbuild/ folder.)
I have fixed the following:

  • Only admins may noclip
  • You can now spawn default seats/pods + phx seats (1, 2 and 3)
  • The scoreboard help menu now displays the /special commands with Admin Only at the end.
  • PHX MK-82 is no longer able to be spawned (this was a bitch to find a fix that worked)
  • Added “slb_” as a map pattern (thanks to prop_dynamic)

Here’s the link (it’s only on my site at the moment, i’ll leave it to g3x to upload to

** This is not an official release unless g3x wants it to be. **

Thanks, I forgot to add that.


I love you thanks so much this is going to be a big hit

:slight_smile: Merry Christmas

Ah thanks G3X! It’s Pilot here, I played a lot on your Sledbuild server (And now I play on your L4D server sometimes…)

Nearly best mod ever :smiley:
I played it very often and i knew the most of the tricks to win. :slight_smile:

Getting a server up now. :freeman:

I’ll host it tomorrow :D.

:siren:SERVER UP:siren:

Hosted at DuckYStudios, 12 slots becuase the connection’s crap at the moment, and SB is better with fewer people. PHX and SourceMod are installed.

Click to join

If you want to add it to your favourites, the IP is

Hey my server is up on the gamemode also, 20 slots. most of the time it’s full so you better get in while you can.

I’m Super-Boom :smiley:
You must have the map o connect.


Also, is the /special command still functioning? If it is, how do i use it? i haven’t a clue on how to operator. And also, where do the record speeds save to?

/special leeroy,speedboy,win,lose,freestyler,banana
Record saves into a sql table which is built in, in gmod.

Thanks ChewGum, saves me trying to remember. :slight_smile:

You also need to be an admin inside users.txt since it’s a admin only command.

Me and my friend put up a server since there are only 3 or 4.

Click Image to join.

Sweet man! I think I’ll make my own version of this. You are officially awesome!


Oh and chewgum don’t forget to add this to the info.txt:

		"1"	"^slb_"

Good to see you releasing this G3X :smiley:

Thanks dude.

What he said and THANKS this is what I searched for

P.S IT IS SUPER AWESOME :slight_smile: