SLEDGE - An open source Hammer alternative

Sledge is a completely free and open source replacement for Valve’s Hammer Editor, with a focus on compatibility with both Goldsource and Source engines. The purpose of Sledge is to offer advanced editing features from later versions of Hammer and other editors and make them available to all users, regardless of which engine they choose to use.
Sledge uses the same file formats as Hammer does (RMF, MAP, VMF) and maps are compatible between both programs. The editing process is almost identical to Hammer, the hotkeys are the same, as well as many of the screen elements and dialogs. Switching to Sledge will not be difficult for users who are familiar with Hammer.

** Advantages of Sledge **
Sledge brings many editing features available in Hammer 4 into the Goldsource editing environment.
It is built using modern frameworks and libraries, and is tested on modern operating systems.
It is constantly being enhanced and new features are always being added.
It is open source, which means the source code is available to everybody to modify and improve.

** Current features of Sledge **
Runs on modern operating systems and graphics cards
Full support for Goldsource editing
Reads and writes RMF, MAP, VMF files
Complete compatibility with Hammer maps
Proper decimal precision for sub-grid geometry
Support for large maps
Support for multiple visgroups per object
Automatic visgrouping
Displays models from unextracted PAK files
Improved texture browser filtering and display options
A huge number of settings to customise to your liking

Sledge is currently in alpha stage, so it may be unstable and some features are missing. Missing features include:
Advanced compile options
Built-in support for prefabs/instances
Automatic detection of game configurations
Windows jump-list/shell integration
Arch and sphere brush types

** Screenshots **

Sledge is currently being developed by Penguinboy over at TWHL. If you find any bugs , or have any suggestions, please post them in THIS THREAD- it’s really only where he frequently checks up on. Please support this, it’s going to be fantastic when he’s finished. ** SOURCE SUPPORT IS NOT YET IN THE ALPHA BUT IS PLANNED **
You can also go to Sledge’s website here

Neat! I’m digging the interface, can’t wait for Source support.

Now if we could only get better compile tools equal to the quality of VHLT on Half-Life.

love this project

I can think of like a billion hammer improvements usability wise…

unrelated but one thing im hoping for source 2 is like a materials tagging system (like sound files in a DAW) so like textures can have like more than just one describing attribute

anyway looking forward to source engine support

I saw this last night on GitHub haha nice work I’m very interested in your project.

but no Source support. Really interested though.

come back when you get Source support, almost everyone will use it

I think I’ll have to agree with everyone else here; majority of people on this forum use source.

However I do look forward to an alternative that doesn’t always break for no reason.

I’m very impressed, if you want any custom artwork (buttons, logos etc) let me know.

Exactly what chipsnapper2 said, I’m really looking forward for the Source support. Hopefully this will be more stable than the constantly crashing Hammer.

I can’t mount Half-Life with Sledge because the version I have uses PAK files, and I can’t find the FGD.

FGD is a Worldcraft specific file and isn’t included with Half-Life. You’ll have to download Worldcraft and copy over the FGD.

I have a copy of Worldcraft on my map archive, it’s in the Half-Life section under Tools.

jesus don’t use the Worldcraft FGD’s , they are hilariously out of date. Use the FGD’s that come with Valve Hammer 3.4

I’d just like to highlight that Sledge isn’t actually my programme but is actually Penguinboy’s over at TWHL. He said he’ll look over this thread a bit - if he gets enough support he might make an account and regular this thread.
Source support is planned and is on the way.

A question; would it be possible for bigger maps to be used with this? Or is this literally nothing to do with map creation, even if you made your own mod for the map?

map size was never a hammer issue, you could always hack at hammer to make it go out of grid.
the reason the grid is there is solely hardcoded into the engine’s memory limits for map sizes.
You can make and compile a map that’s out of grid, but anything made outside of it will act strange.

I guess for people making mega stupid sized maps you could offer grid options starting with default, 1.25x, 1.5x and 2x

Might want to file a bug report with the guy that made AutoIndex:

It also could be failing because I have nearly every netblock from Russia null routed.

Hammer is Worldcraft, Valve just renamed it.

The FGDs are going to be practically the same because the entity definitions didn’t change after HL v1.1.1.0 (the last WON release in 2001.) And even during the original development update span on HL between 1998-2001 the entity definitions changed very little. I think the only thing they did was remove env_fog because Direct X didn’t support fog in Half-life.

With the VHLT compile tools, you can compile maps that are larger than 8192^3, it’s just that players and entities can’t leave the 8192^3 bounds because of the netcode.

Worldcraft itself was a helluva lot buggier than Hammer, I remember getting it on a PC gamer disc eons ago ( that had a mapping tutorial in it funnily enough ). I didn’t know the FGDs themselves were the same.

I’m definitely going to give this a go when there’s source support.