Sleep Command

Is there a sleep command or pause command? I am trying to make a script that after 5 seconds of typing something, the script does something. I have everything done… all I need is a sleep command. Thanks!

Look at the timer methods, timer.Simple is probably the one to use in this situation.

He has the timer. He needs the sleep command.

Sorry, bro. I don’t know of any sleep command. What exactly does this sleep command do?

What? With a timer you can do exactly what the OP wants.

timer.Simple( number:delayinseconds, function:callback, vararg:arguments … )


timer.Simple( 5, cleanupfunction, “anything I need to send it”, “here”, 354 )

I don’t want to piss on your parade, but sleep functions online don’t really work. In singleplayer, you sleep for say 5 hours, but it skips it, so it’s only 10 seconds, but online, it wouldn’t work properly.

I don’t think you understand what the OP is talking about.

[lua]timer.Simple( 5, function()
–do shit
end )[/lua]