"Sleep Well, you bomb lobbin' Wankah!"


C&C etc

Nice posing, but the sniper is a bit over blurred

You can almost taste the Soldier’s combined surprise and sorrow, not to mention his overall bemusement.

MAGET. :clownballoon:


Tastes salty. Like TEARS.

You should have put the pipebomb a bit further back to use the perspective to make it look smaller cause now it’s huge

A bit further back would be in the gun yo

sniper looks like a balloon animal


aka stop using so much dof

Too much DOF on the Sniper, there.

I’m scared to see what balloon animals you have

The dof is way too heavy, and imo the sdof in gmod is ugly as fucking hell. Use ps to make DoF man.

Nice picture tho, the atmosphere and all is very good. But yeah, remember about dof till next time.

It’s a gmod pic of a cartoony game, realism shouldn’t play a role in the pic. :v: