Sleeper Server / Item Decay

Can someone explain the exact mechanics between decaying and etc? I had logged off in a hut with a sleeping bag and a door and I logged in about 24 hours later at a respawn. I know someone could have broken in and killed me especially as door was wood but I would have thought I would have gotten a death message. Plus I thought that a sleeping bag couldn’t be picked up by another player. Does it just decay if you’re dead a certain time or was it because I was logged out.

How long are items persistent for? I haven’t found this type of info on the wiki yet.

I think you got robbed and killed.

Most like got killed and they destroyed your sleeping. If you die while offline you don’t get a death message and always do a random respawn the first time you login. You should suicide if you are killed offline to see if you make it to your sleeping bag.

As for decay shelters don’t last more than 12 hours or so.

Is that true for sleeping bags too? They only last 12 hours? What if you have a metal door still only 12 hours? What about houses? If you have to log in every 12 hours to rebuild your stuff what’s the point of playing?

Decay resets if you open/close an attached door. I think shelters start to decay after 8 hours, wood buildings after 24 hours, and metal stuff after 4 days. But dont quote me on that, not sure.

So are items inside storage containers ok too as long as you refresh the door in whatever time period it is?

Yes anything inside of the structure also gets it’s decay timer reset if you open a door within said structure. The timers that Apfelkuchen said are correct that’s when the decay damage over time starts ticking. In the case of wood structures the decay starts after 1 day and will dissapear completely after 4 days. If at any point during the decay you open a door the timer is reset but the damage already done is not repaired, that has to be done manually. Decay is always from top to bottom so a 3 story house will take 12 days to decay.

this is buggy, though. i’ve been online and actively using a certain chest and have had it “poof” on multiple occasions with my items inside. I didnt damage the chests, and i wasnt raided.

You got robbed for sure.

I didnt. I had metal doors which were closed. walls were fine. There was no way someone could get inside without explosives. I had just used the chest, left to gather some materials, returned and the chest was gone, but was sitting next to two others that were fine. and this exact thing happened twice.

My friend’s shelter lasted for over 2 days.