Sleeper Servers are a step in the right direction.

At first I hated the idea but as I began to think about it more and more it made more sense. Here are some concerns that I think can be solved easily:

What about players that can be on all day?

Add a Rest/Stamina Meter. You won’t need to log off for a while but maybe around 3 hours of activity your character will get tired and need to rest for an hour or so to fill up that meter.

How can I defend myself against other players?

Right now this is a issue. But in the future this won’t be as big as a problem. C4 won’t be stackable and modern weapons won’t be a problem. If I could make another suggestion it would be to lower the player count. This way players aren’t as common and not as much of a problem.

Also, you maybe the decay feature should be take out and structures should become much more destructible with with weapons (hatchets,guns, etc).

What do you guys think?

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