Sleeper Servers & Game Idea's


I just read the post on the main page about ‘Sleeper Servers’ and wanted to give some feedback. If you haven’t read about it yet… Check it out here

Personally i think its a bit to early on to be releasing this feature because of a few reasons listed below.

1.) If you ‘hide’ your loot in your house, log off and your house gets raided. The raiders know where you stash your loot. Because there is no option to move objects, walls, storage around the raiders can come back the same time the next day when you’re sleeping etc… and steal from the exact same space because you simply can’t change anything in your house. A Tool needs to be added to re-arrange your house make a new set of obstacles for the raider who made easy work of your house the last time.

2.) Disconnects, and unfortunate IRL situations that force you to log out - If you have a situation where your internet is not the best or, you’re a teenager and your parents demand you step away from the PC, Or you simply loose track of time and need to make a dash… This system will punish you for that, as you might not be in the ideal place when you’re required to leave your PC and log out. I would say it is simply not fair to some people. (Others will argue its not fair to combat log. I would say if they combat log give yourself a pat on the back you’re evidently extremely intimidating and feared among the nudists.)

3.) Map littered with AFK nudists (And occasionally well-dressed players) - You will become very used to the site of players standing still. Raiding, exploring or doing anything you may find yourself thinking/Saying ‘Whats that over there?’ ‘Ohh just another sleeper…’. Plus wouldn’t it make the map quite messy? Maybe i’m wrong, but i don’t like the idea of that.

Also, There is some idea’s i would much rather see updated in the near future like…

Crafting a Map that may or may not show your current location? You could use this map to plan raids, zombie hunt, and the main thing find Clan mates and friends. I found this very hard. The map will give people direction instead of mindless wondering. You could also add in a draw feature on it, like use charcoal to circle locations you want to go or ‘X’ to say where you have been/raided and you will need to create a new map if you doodled to much on your old one?

Door and window sharing. Obvious and common one.

Quick buttons to help with item management such as ‘Stack All’, ‘Loot All’, ‘Deposit/withdraw All’ and finally ‘Deposit/Withdraw ‘x’ amount’.

Electrical components as a crafting item required for things like C4, Alarm noise for trip wires, and all important vehicles in future updates. After the Apocalypse i would imagine a lot of electric equipment in ruins, you will need salvage these items for crafting components.

That’s it from me now. What do you think?

They used to have a loot all button, but removed it…

Yeah, theres much more that needs to be done to the game before “sleepers” becomes a viable solution to logging off with all your loot.

Give us higher tier steel crates, that lock with a code and we won’t feel the need to empty them out every time we log off.

Until exploits are handled this shouldn’t have been much of a consideration same goes along the lines with anti-cheat measures. Those to me seem way more important than broken game immersion. And most of us have played immersive games, and they don’t require that you stay virtually connected to your fake life. And besides, how is it immersive? You aren’t even playing and you are still ‘present’
From the opposing point of view… Seeing a bunch of puppets without masters in the game is not immersive at all, “Oh look another Dumb Terminal waiting for it’s user”

I think most of use would rather see lockable crates, better defensive options, less exploiting, the removal of 3rd person camera cheating, anti-cheat measures, the capability to move objects you’ve placed, the capability to ‘share’ certain objects with other user names, personally I’d like to see LOCKED names, it’s not even realistic, “ooh they are being deceptive, figure it out…”… Uh, no. Since we don’t have model customization we don’t look unique like we do in the real world. It’s not quite that easy to “imitate” someone when you don’t even look or sound like them, but hey. I’ll change my name and POOF I have become them? Funny, but totally unrealistic.

If you want to focus on immersion I believe fixing the other aspects and considering game play options that actually create more immersion would be a better choice.

Honestly I don’t mind keeping stuff in the house. We’ll see how this “sleepers” thing plays out, I guess.


Cntrl+v to the c Drummel’s posts. And as Conker put it being able to grant permissions to doors would be stellar.

How would this affect people that were dropped from the game due to lag or even a server drop/crash? Seeing as this is in alpha this may have some really frustrating effects for some people, or are there things in place to protect players when that sort of thing happens?

That is a good point, I was thinking though if this was implemented into all servers as a mechanic in the game It’ll be harder for casual gamers to play, as not everyone has as long to play as some of us, they may have to log off before they are close enough to their base and may die because of it or as mentioned by nessmuk the server crashes and most of us don’t have enough time to wait for it to come back up, so I think there has to be something to get around that (Perhaps not all servers would use it?) I don’t know just speculating. If anyone has any suggestions that’d be wonderful :wink:

Apparently they’ve already started a sleeper server. Obviously right now it’d optional, which to me is exactly what it should be. I know I would just stop playing all together if it were a mandatory thing, but then again I am not as “hardcore” as some of these other guys are. Different strokes really…

Yes it being optional is definitely a solution, but we were discussing some other interesting solutions in the other sleeper thread such as AI that would defend itself or run back to its home. I really do think the sleeper idea could be excellent for dealing with combat loggers and its also annoying as crap to spend hours scouting out a raid then actually raiding just to have someone log out with everything in their house.

That is a very valid point, but it is equally annoying (if not more) to be raided. I think a very simple solution to all of this would be to decrease the player inventory size. It’s current amount to me is very unrealistic, especially when your running around naked. It’d be great if they could create a sort of backpack system that would allow people to have larger inventory space, but at the price of a rare blueprint and resources. it’d be more realistic, immersive, and would give more potential loot to all the crazy bandits out there. (Try and steal my shit and I’ll kill ya!)

As a side note: it’d be cool if items had a weight. Players move slower with more weight, faster with less.

Yep its annoying to be raided but without raiding this game has no meta and without meta there is no reason to keep playing game.

That’s true. Maybe they should just put a time limit for how long it takes to log out. That way if your in a safe spot and can devote say 2+ minutes to log out then you get to save your stuff. If your being raided its a race to log out with the essentials before they can blow yo shit up and kill you.

I still think a smaller inventory space would be more immersive and enjoyable too.

Time limit would have to be 5mins+ IMO, but really wouldn’t it be more interesting if there were methods to escape with these resources instead of just dispersing into nothing. (Usually when someone does logout your obliged to trap them anyway which can usually end up with both people losing resources unless they use crates to glitch gear out.)