Sleeper servers. Keep sleeper discussion to this thread

I think it’s a great idea. Fixes both mid siege loggers and all kind of combat loggers, but I don’t think the game is ready for this kind of feature.

To only name a few:
-Houses can easily be raided at 4 AM server timezone. (minor issue, it’s more community/your house build related than game mechanics. It’s pretty much a sandbox feature)
-Duping, mainly of C4.
-Hackers that no clip into bases and just kill you (oh, I can imagine how these guys would love a sleeper server)
-General balancing of game mechanics like c4 damage/building resistance ratio.
-Exploits, for example box placements on walls to climb houses.

It is a great idea, and if it works is a great addition to any more hardcore server (my kind of server), but atm I don’t think the game is ready for it and I can’t imagine many people testing this out thoroughly.
Any testing of this feature without all the above fixed would probably result in bad testing and general mad by the testers.

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For those that are like “wat?!” and obviously don’t read the news page of rust.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t like it at the state rust is in. The sleepers would give rise to more planned building but I can’t imagine anyone having time or the resources for something like that, what with all the full kevlar dudes that shoot anyone on sight regardless of if they have any resources. It’s a great idea only to some people, and I can imagine some more hardcore mode servers including the sleepers, but I wouldn’t include it into ALL of the servers.

I 100% agree.

This sort of feature cannot really be supported until server stability is much better though, as in their highly inconsistent state. Having a server drop while you’re in the middle of nowhere, only to have you be stuck out in the wilds with whatever it is you have with no way to know when you’ll need to log back in to move is not a great feeling.

However, I do like that such a feature forces people who roam about with very little in the way of build housing from doing so. It certainly is a neat idea.

Would be a great idea if your body was an NPC that could defend itself, or a more secure way to keep items. There’s going to be a TON of raiding now.

Yeah, sleeper servers Definitely needs to be a later feature, or at least separate from current servers for now.

I do not like it at all. This only benefits the “no-lifers” who stay up all night and already manage to get all the airdrops and offline-raid people. Now they will just get even more loot and people will just get crushed even more. This is bad and brings even more of a balance issue to the game.

Edit: I am obviously talking about when you are logging off to go to bed etc. I am not talking about combatlogging or logging out with all your stuff when you are getting raided. For this, this is perfect. But other than that it isn’t

I love this idea… it is an interesting idea but I really think that it is pointless on such a small server. I think it would fit the larger map better…

love the idea. its great. but will only work once the TPing hackers r taking care of.

sleeper server all ready has tik tok running around i mean flying around killing ppl

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I love it, especially the “hotel” idea. Although I wonder how effective it would be to have one run by players. I can picture a small group of NPC soldiers you can hire to guard you. They’d be effective against most solo raids but a dedicated attack by a clan could overpower them.

Hate the idea, are you trying to make it impossible for me to keep any of my stuff? Probably just a knee jerk reaction, but I die enough while online I don’t need people killing me while I’m offline too.

Making bases harder to raid like adding an extra c4 charge to destroy off players things would fix it.

Ok… that’s one of the issues out of the list. If you can call that even proper balance. The point of the thread stands.

People like Quecast are still living in foundations so it would be impossible to raid him.

This is kind of a good thing. We’re creating problems that we need to add solutions to.

Base keeps getting raided? Make it more secure with turrets, or booby traps or something. This is the kind of thing we want.

Perhaps to if the player drops, or the server crashes and player doesn’t log back on the NPC would run back to their house and sleep? Now this has me thinking of being able to plan out AI before hand say when you log off it gathers resources or patrols certain point and alerts nearby friends of its danger?

I thought we were pushing away from modern weaponry? So turrets would be going backwards right? I love the modern weapons but from what I have heard is they are only placeholders.

I would agree with that something more realistic for a zombie apocalypse like a guard dog, or a makeshift pressure plate trap that dumps burning hot oil on the person who’s trying to break into your house (even cooler would be if you have to disable these before hand so if your forget when one of your friends or you are going inside you fall for the trap yourself.)

The endgame is to have a tech tree that brushes into things like laser triggers, turrets, electricity. Not in a store bought way, but in a home made electronics kind of way.