Sleeper Servers Suggestions - please post your ideas also

While I love the idea and gameplay of the sleeper servers, there are things that need to be addressed before this will work.

• HACKERS - no-clipping is the main one that needs to be addressed on these servers, having them just be able to walk in and steal your stuff / kill your “sleeping” body just makes playing pointless. (These servers will attract the hackers - because everyone’s loot is always vulnerable and they want a reward for their scumbag ways… )

• Glitching - People are abusing the foundation glitch and really makes these servers unplayable also, they can just log off safely inside their foundation and never lose their stuff , while the legit players are always at risk. MANY people are using this glitch !! (This glitch has been around and known about for a while now , and should be made a priority with these new servers - because it is gamebreaking for this server type.)

I know these are “experiment” servers , but these things need to be addressed before these servers could ever actually work.

I will add more soon , but this is a start for now. Please add your suggestions / comments guys.