sleepers am i the only one loving it ?

we have alot of games where you log with your stuff already , its fun that someone dares to venture outside the box

and to be honest i think its a really good idea and its well executed.

there are however a couple of things that needs to be done for this mode to work without inducing major headaches every day you start up

hack protection is nr1 and the biggest thing. sadly pc gaming has been all about hacking the last few years and its not looking any better, and its a serious problem vs sleepers.
then we need to be able to make our houses safer thats nr2

also when you crash it seemed the character slept in a random place on the map, i crashed and got back in a couple of hundred feets from my house standing in a field

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oh oh oh maps with thicker shrubbery/trees/woods would be so awesome, i have literally walked past houses cause they where camoflagued really good

Sleepers can be fun. I thought I’d hate it, but apparently not.

Basically, it makes the game more exciting.

That idea of thicker forests is really good, Whenever i make a cabin i always try to find a think brush on low ground to make it. The thicker the forests the better new players can hide, and thus not get griefed so easily

Sleepers = “No country for old men” (with wife and kids)

Yes, it’s still alpha but as it currently stands, the sleeper implementation is the bane of the casual/solo player. This is fine, if it’s indeed the Grand Vision, but it seems to leave a lot on the table for a game with so much promise.

I’m hoping to see methods of logging safely, for long periods of time, either with some special/rare gear, remote, “secure” locations, and/or improved concealment.

That’s the beauty of the state the game’s in right now: early. There’s still time to listen to the community and implement features they’d previously not thought of or considered not worth putting in.

Also, thanks for teaching me how to play MC way back when with your videos. =D