Sleepers disappear after server crash/restart?

Say I’m going for a raid, and the server crashes. Is my body a sleeper? Do I have to log back in fast or is there something to prevent it?

Right now you’ll be shit out of luck, log back in as soon as possible!

If you’re talking about right now at this exact moment in time, I don’t think that anybody can access the servers so you’re good for the time being haha. :slight_smile:

I logged out last night in a sleeper server with my friend scipio in the same room as me. He went to work early and I woke up today to NOT finding him sleeping beside me so I ASSUME when servers crash or go down sleeper bodies disappear as well till they log back on.

Again only a guess though

When the servers went down yesterday I was in front of a door, I logged on today to find myself halfway down the mountain looking at the door lol. So you may just jump around a little when they crash?

yeah they probably do a 10sec rollback when they restart