Sleepers-My opinion?

I think it’s kinda a good,players can no longer combat log.

But,this also means that if we need to go,we would have to go back to our base or find a good hiding spot(and pray hard).
You know,some of us had Unity crashing,Internet disconnecting and stuff…

What about newbies?Those who just spent their money on the game,they(might not know about sleepers if they miss the front page),that means they would have to build a shack,but most probably gets raided within few hours…And they would have to build a proper house…

I don’t know,I kinda like this system but at the same time it sucks too,depending on real life condition

I hope you can think of other ideas to make this better

Oh and a question,do Sleepers apply to every server now?

Isn’t it only for specific servers which includes “Sleepers” in it’s server title?

So yeah guys,I’m not gonna care whether you rate this as dumb or not but someone reply what you think :slight_smile: