Sleepers or no sleepers?

How do all of you feel about sleepers being enabled on a server. Do you feel that is it part of the game and should not be disabled. Or do you feel that sleepers are just too much of an annoyance when you get raided and lose everything. Personally i like both kind of server but right now with the amount of C4 that people can make and the abundance of weapons, ammo, kevlar etc… nosleep is the way i want to play. Of course nosleep brings the problem of people being able to combat log. I tried to install Limited Sleepers on my server but for some reason it didn’t work. Perhaps it isn’t compatible with Rust++ or drop-party.

Anyways i run a server that is PvP|NoSleep|Rare Items and i was wondering if you were to choose would you prefer nosleepers or to have sleepers enabled. Just wanting to get some consensus about it so i can make the right decision on the next forced wipe. If you want to know more about my server info so you can decide whether i should have sleepers enabled click [here]( 

I’m sure a thread has probably already been made about this, i tried to search the forums but all that comes up for me is a HUGE list of servers and i couldn’t find anything about sleepers specifically.

Well personally, i won’t play no sleeper servers. I think its a cheap tactic really. The thing that makes Rust fun is risk and reward, now i play a server that already has reduced c4 spawn (and personally i don’t think c4 is too common anyway but i like the server so i cop it) and if sleepers were turned off, what would be the point of raiding, the best gear would only be available if someone is carrying it in their backpacks. If someone raids me, they deserve to get my best gear. Its up to the individual to use some tactics to secure their gear, log out in an empty shack with all your gear in your pack so you look like a fresh spawn, Hide things in small sacks in hard to find spots, make your base(s) seem unappealing so people don’t “waste” their c4 on it. Don’t let a server setting be your best defense. It takes away reward from people who play smart, and kills imagination.