Sleepers Server Question

When the server crashes on the sleepers servers do our bodies stay there or disapear?


As far as I know they respawn there. But I am not 100% sure.

Hello !
Could someone Tell us why The French server is running as a sleeper server ?? and it’s not even mention on it …???

Anyway it’s DOWN again …
I think i’m gone send my resume to Gary … cause obvioulsy ther’s no one taking care of those DAM hakers … i’m gone Kik some asses !

The default setting was changed. I updated and now it is like it is. If Garry wouldn’t have wanted that every server is a sleeper server now then he wouldn’t have made it default. US Central is on non-sleeper mode, as well as the UK PlayRust.EU one.

Ohhhh well thanks you for the reply man …
Ok for the sleepers mode but at least it should be mentioned … well
thanks anyway …
have a nice day

I prefer a non-sleeper on the french server. And thanks for the reboot no more lagg me friends say to me.

I can turn it off tomorrow. Let’s just try it for a night, ok?

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

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But why did we have sleeping ? because it a new option and when you updated it turn to on ?

Oh well this means that’s on sleeper mode now for tonight … aa that sucks …
Boum ! it crasht again …damed !