Sleeping bag glitch/ exploit

Just wondering if anyone has had any issues with people being able to spawn onto other peoples sleeping bags? We had a guy suddenly appear in our base, naked with a rock, he ran straight to the storage area, grabbed some C4 and before we could do anything he set it off killing a few of us and himself!

We have a rock built base with metal walls, so doubtful he glitched in and he wasn’t kitted. Could he have accidentally spawned in on a sleeping bag or as I suspect was it a deliberate exploit?

Either way we are now going to re design the sleeping arrangements with all sleeping bags in a sealed room just in case. Another interesting point was only one of our teammates could see his dead body, 2 others of us couldn’t!

So keep your eyes open and be aware this can happen so maybe have a look at your sleeping arrangements.

If anyone is interested this was the guy, with that profile suspicious as hell!

i would suspect someone there of an inside job. you can change ownership of one of your sleeping bags to another person, relinquishing control of it. sounds like he spawned in that way.

Could you have built on a random spawn point?

Well we all seem to follow a similar view on the Russians and I’m 100% sure they wouldn’t do that. I’ll keep an eye out for a VAC ban on their account which should confirm it haha.

Not a “ground floor” base so I seriously doubt it would have been a spawn point unless people now spawn on top of rocks and on top of foundations too!

An inside job or someone accidentally assigned a sleeping bag to the wrong person.

a couple ppl in the server I’m in said they randomly spawned in peoples bases like this. no bags and both after this weeks update. i don’t think it was a hacker, just an uncommon, or relatively new bug perhaps

Gosh your a cynical lot with the “inside job” theorem!

It was the way it happened that raised more suspicion, to pop up and go straight for a box with c4 in and then blow yourself up is just plain odd (the boxes were not marked at the time).

If it was an “innocent” glitch, isn’t that a little bit worrying that someone could pop into your house by accident. Obviously we now build to negate this happening but im sure there are lots that don’t and with the amount of time and resources you have to commit to make c4 I wouldn’t want it happening to others really!

Possible. It depends on how big there base is. Had it happen that when i first started playing, i spawned right in the middle of a big clan base. Behind there main outside walls. Nobody noticed me and had a hard time getting out but yea. If anybody did see me, they might have gotten the wrong impression thinking i cheated ( when the game actually first time spawned me there ).

oh, i’m chronically suspicious, skeptical and untrusting. it’s a medical condition or something, probably related to all the newspawn attacks;)

Are you on a modded server? He could have used /sethome to tp in.

It happened to us. one evening i saw one stranger appear in our house, naked, running around. i thought he was the friend of a friend. then he died of cold. I looked his body and he had all of our 5000 sulfur on him, so at that moment i knew he was not friendly. The next day, all our loot was stolen and our bag destroyed.

Then i figured out. that evening, my friends made multiple bags for each other to be able to respawn quicker. by typing the first two letters of my friend’s name, it filtered out most of people on the server except 5, and i saw that stranger in the list. my friend had assigned a bag to the wrong person.

So yeah, i dont think its hacker but people assigning bags to the wrong persons.

lol, sleeping bags nightmare over here!

it’s a fun fact that i usually keep my sleeping bags outside my base since nobody ever tries to assault us while we’re online :v

to have many bags in the house is quite pointless in my opinion since, if i die two times in a row, i log off and play another game ahah! a couple is enough no? also, to make a code lock for the best crate, where you keep the expensive stuff (like gun powder) is a must. Also to protect the expansive crate room from most of your friends might be useful, since, the more people fooling around it the more random accidents can happen. A cool solution is to divide your house in rooms, each player or small group of players have a room, with a personal code, so all these problems are solved forever.