Sleeping bag idea!

Maybe to update sleeping bag like sleeping bag to have 6 slots inside and you can deposit stuff and when you die u spawn with that items in inventory?

Kevlar Pants Vest Head Boots, M4 250 ammo.

What I would love is to have like one unbreakable safe for each player, just one unbreakable safe with 3 slots, no more, just to keep something there and even if you got raided to have something to start with, just that.

I think when you die you should respawn fully geared 2 meters behind the guy that killed you, you need to spawn with an invun shield though to make sure you can load the game fully, this shield shouldnt stop you from being able to shoot others and should last about 5 mins.

Just to be safe they should also give you invisibility.

and a Golden Gun.

And a Chuck Norris skin! :downs: