Sleeping Bag minimum distance?

Is there a minimum distance between sleeping bag to work like in legacy?

Yesterday I put a bag hidden outside my base but close to it, and then I can not spawn in my sleeping bag inside my base.

Can’t find a thread about this.

If you placed a bag outside and already had one inside the last bag placed is the one you will spanw at as far as i know

Ok but I spawn without any problem beetween two sleeping bag put across the map, so there must be a minimum distance beetween them? I think in legacy it’s 100M… is it the same in the new Rust?

No idea sorry. I was under the impression that you spawn at the last bag you placed

So I am getting from this Crazy-
If 2 bags are within the minimum distance(lets say 100 meters of each another)
and you die 100 miles away, you spawn at the most recently placed one.
What happens if you have bags (A and B) on opposite sides of the map while standing on bag A and suicide twice?

Can’t read apparently.

experimental is completely random for which bag you spawn in, with no timer or distance requirements.

This is correct

Correct. It’s random.

I put multiple sleeping bags in my base for different floors and spawn between them. Might take 5 or 6 spawns before I reach the one I want.

That’s what I was thinking… But I have 3 sleeping bag on the server I play one is far away and the 2 other are close to each other… I kill myself about 20 time yesterday and I never spawn in the sleeping inside the base until I destroy the one outside :-/

Will try again…

you spawn in the order the bags were placed. bags must be 100 METERS not miles apart. I havent used a bed in months but I believe you need to put a bed in yrou base and a bag outside and you will be able to spawn to both.

Unless I missed an update, there are no beds in experimental. He’s not playing legacy.

Wrong. It is random. I think the first time, you always spawn in the last bag placed, but it you have 3 sleeping bags, A, B & C, and you keep committing suicide, you will spawn at each randomly, like:

C, A, A, C, B, C, A, C, B, B, C, A, etc… totally random.

Thank’s for the info… test it again and it is effectively random… but sometime need to be very patient to spawn where you want, I can spawn 10 time at the same place… my shack was full of pile dead body lol.

I know, I’ve had 4 sleeping bags deployed in the past, and spawned at the same one 7-8 times in a row! You just have to keep trying until you spawn at the right one. It doesn’t help if all your bases look the same from the inside either! lol

ahh yeah I thought he said IN legacy nto LIKE IN legacy. my fault.