Sleeping bag system is broken..

Going into a house and placing 5 sleeping bags pretty much means you will always spawn in the house…

We failed to clear a guy invading our house simply because he only had a 4-5 sec downtime upon dying…

I think only one sleeping bag should be active at a time.

I hope you knoe if you place down a bag the other 1 will destroy. And this ismin the game garry or helk posted this in the

did they change it on one of the last 5 patches? because before of that i had like 40 sleeping bags…

Proof please?

After playing today I will say this is untrue. I still have multiple sleeping bags in my house and laid out across the wastes.

If this was added in the last couple hours I am wrong but everything was normal earlier.

you can place as many bags as you like, but once you place a bag your character completely forgets about any bag you placed before it, you only remember the last bag you placed


How the sleeping bag system works:

If you have a sleeping bag down already and you place another one, the NEWEST sleeping bag becomes your “primary” spawn point, if you die enough times to get a cooldown on respawning at that sleeping bag, you’ll respawn at your OLD “seconday” sleeping bag.

With a few decently placed sleeping bags you can use f1 suicide to port around the map. Or as most people do, just put a load down in your house so you don’t get any spawning cooldowns.

My problem isn’t that there are defenders who respawn continously but raiders…killed one of a two man team recently and got into cover to heal and maybe run back into my base. Suddenly the one I just shot reappeared, took his old weapons and began shooting again.

So it appears they placed their bags so close to my base that they could just respawn and loot their old stuff since i wasn’t able to take it while in a firefight. How are you supposed to deal with that.

And my bigger concern is that even if the devs give us traps like snares or mines to defend your home it doesn’t matter. Raiders don’t even have to disable the bomb! They just keep running into it and respawn with multiple sleeping bags until there are no mines left. Unless there is a real penalty for death you would never be save from raiders no matter how good your defenses are.

i expect sleeping bag functionality will change eventually, limiting you to a universal “one respawn at camp every x minutes” instead of giving a separate cooldown to each sleeping bag. just be patient.

edit: @Aaron, the solution right now is to just destroy the sleeping bags they placed. if they’re too far away for you to safely reach them, you can destroy them from long range with bullets, arrows, or grenades.

I really like the current sleeping bag system, but there needs to be some way to curb the raiding.

I completely agree. My house was just raided. I killed 3 of the 5 guys in rapid succession with a shotty when they breached a wall and my friend killed the last 2. Several seconds later they were all spawned again and geared from a box they placed next to their bags.

My opinion is that if you successfully thwart a raid attempt, they shouldn’t be able to immediately respawn and raid you again. That’s not penalizing a failed raid attempt if you’re able to just respawn immediately at the place you’re raiding.

There should be a different item that serves the current sleeping bag’s purpose, and the sleeping bag can serve as a way to have your sleeper disappear after some time. Obviously you would have to make the bag more expensive, but it’d be nice to have a mid-late game way to minimize the impact of raiding.

Make it so if you fall asleep within ~2 meters of your sleeping bag, after an hour or two of sleeping your sleeper will disappear. And set up like a hearth or something that is also expensive, but can only be placed in a house and serves as a respawn point.

Defend better.

so what your saying is you are in your base with defenses, and if some people roll up on you to raid you they should only be allowed 1 attempt per set amount of time? really? Cmon, if you can’t defend your base from a few people who each have a couple sleeping bags near your base, maybe you should either make your base more stable, have more guns, or make some friends to help you defend.

This is a pvp game, and you should have the ability to put spawn points close to what you are attacking. Otherwise raids will only take place while people are offline, and no fighting would happen. This would obviously lead to people getting bored and quit. man up and figure out a way to stop them!

bullet proof sleeping pods

i like this, bullet but not c4 proof

Sleeping bag system is not broken. Its just that you don’t like it how it is. Wonder if you will like the upcoming camp beds.

Why are people bumping this thread from October?

Because bads can’t defend and they need to complain about losing their base that had 27 wood and 14 chicken in it.

You defend the broken sleeping bag system because you can’t handle the fact that when you fail at raiding a base, you must regear and travel back to it for another attempt.