Sleeping bags and saving (noob question)

I have been killed quite a few times whilst been sleeping in my base.

Can someone tell me what happens if you disconnect from the game and you don’t have a sleeping bag?

Does your character just automatically sleep on the ground where you have disconnected or does it disappear and you lose all of your stuff?

Thanks in advance

Depends on the server, but normally, if you log off in a field, you will just be led on the floor sleeping.

And if you don’t liek this idea and you would rather play on certain servers that will have that feature of being killed and raided while you’re off, go here and vote yes

:> lol

Thanks for the replies.

On the servers when sleeping is off is it pointless having a sleeping bag if you disconnect in your base?

No, sleeping bags serve as a respawn point if you get killed. If you click on “Camp Spawn” when you die you respawn at your most recently placed sleeping bag (with a 5 minute cooldown, so don’t get killed again.)