Sleeping bags are OP ? Thoughts on fixing them.

Now that we are done with the debate regarding ladders and walls (hopefully), I think that the next step would be to change how sleeping bags work.

Currently, you can place 7 or 8 sleeping bags until they don’t show up anymore on you the respawn screen. If you place more than that, you’ll have to delete some for the others to show up.

What does this mean? It means that a group of raiders can place like 10+ sleeping bags next to a base, and they don’t worry much about dying. The owner(s) of the base that is being raided will have little advantage in killing the raiders. If a raider gets killed, he’ll respawn immediately in another sleeping bag and loot his stuff.

Naked guys will also think twice before attempting to attack other naked guys.

**Here are some ideas on making sleeping bags implemented in a better way, and please share your thoughts with me:

1- Make sleeping bags much more expensive and increase their health. Say you need 5 pickaxes to destroy a sleeping bag.

2- Limit the number of sleeping bags than can be placed by a player. Or make it limited by regions. Example, you can have 3 sleeping bags in each part of the map?

3- Double the cool down duration before someone can respawn in the same sleeping bag (make it 10 minutes). Now people will think twice before taking any reckless decisions, and it will be rewarding to kill a person raiding your base, taking into account the limited sleeping bags that he can spawn next to your base!

4- Add a building blocked area inside and around rad towns.

5- Reduce the number of cloth plants around the desert area. Last time I played on Singapore server, I was gathering cloth like crazy, and I had around 1000 cloth in a matter of minutes. Spamming sleeping bags couldn’t get easier.

6- Add a building blocked area around a sleeping bag (this will only affect the placement of sleeping bags). If you place a sleeping bag somewhere, you can only place another one 20 to 30 blocks away. However if a player is inside his base or has building privilege, he the blocked area between sleeping bags can be much smaller.


at somepoint i understand it i mean i got attacked by 10-15 raider me and my friend were 3 we killed so many but they were keep coming at us

I think this is more a case of not understanding how to defend your base. They’re vulnerable when they’re looting – shoot them. If it’s a case where the guy has three buddies out there and it’s just you defending the base, then it’s 4v1 and not going to go in your favor regardless.

I don’t think sleeping bags are the problem.

I think respawn timer should affect all bags, not just one. That’s one way to make death have some consequence.

for a hardcore survival experience having only 1 active sleeping bag with a 24 hour cooldown would be nice.

They just need to do it Legacy style, if you lay down a sleeping bag there’s a single respawn timer at that bag, and any other bag in the radius. That way they can add in beds again to give us a proper base spawn while limiting an attacker’s respawn points.

I think its balanced. You can re-spawn at your base over and over again just like them.

Personally, I’d say just lay down multiple sleeping bags for your people in your own base. That way you can rapidly respawn and get back into the fight. Use the mechanics as they are instead of trying to change them. They COULD change at some point down the road. But until such a time, the old saying of “if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em” is probably a wiser option.

This is a good idea. You could make so when you die, you can respawn the first time at a bag, the second time has a 5 minute wait, and then you can’t spawn at a bag for an hour. You can only randomly spawn.

And Gary said NO

Thanks for quoting the question and the answer. The screenshot was showing up yesterdayu - not sure what happened.

Btw, that was me who asked Gary the question.

I’d like to note that I like itsjuly’s suggestion.