Sleeping Bags, Beds and Zerging

Back in legacy once you spawned in a sleeping bag you couldn’t spawn in it again for another ‘x’ seconds (forgot the amount of time) . People made their lives easier by spamming sleeping bags everywhere so they could spawn back without waiting.The devs combated this by making it so, if you spawn in a sleeping bag it adds that anti-spawn timer to all your sleeping bags in a ‘x’ metre radius (again forgot the actual number). They also added beds, which more expensive, but didn’t follow these rules, they acted as the old sleeping bags. I feel this worked well.

In new Rust, the sleeping bags and beds both work like the beds in legacy, the beds just have a shorter timer. If they were to resort to the old system, suicide runs into rad towns were be less common (they are going to make radiation ‘brutal to newspawns’ so this will be less of a problem soon anyway), it will make it harder for people to continually run at a bases’ turrets to deplete it’s ammo once they are added and just prevent the general sleeping bag spam. Some people have suggested to have a limit of how many sleeping bags someone can have. I personally hate this idea as I don’t want to have limits imposed on me in an open world sand box game.

What are your thoughts? Any ideas on why they didn’t use legacy’s system?

I agree I don’t know why they don’t have a limit on how often you can spawn. Maybe have beds and bags have separate cool downs but make it so you spawn in a sleeping bag you can’t spawn in another one for five minutes even if it’s a different one.

Bag spamming is an issue as it makes raiding easy, looting rad towns safe and easier and as you said when turrets are added they can be spammed by a naked person until they run out of ammo.

I can’t wait for radiation to come back and the thousands of rage posts that will follow.

I have really enjoyed having radiation off as I had lots more player interaction and general action but I will welcome it back with open arms. I do hope they change how it works though.

Radiation isn’t gone, it’s just turned off… in other words any server admin can turn it on again.

Yes this will be great fun when people find they can no longer camp rad towns. And they actually have to fight for loot of die. People forget it’s just turned of.

Which do you think will come first? “ZOMG It’s game breaking!!” or “Put it back or me and my 10,000 friends will never ever ever play this game again!!”

One solution I can think of is to calculate the respawn time for each single bag with the amount of sleeping bags (&beds) owned total. (Example: 1 Sleeping bag - 2 minutes, 4 sleeping bags - 8 minutes. You can spawn in another one of your 4 bags but if you want to spawn in the exact same bag you just spawned in, you need to wait 8 minutes)

I’d like to see suicide and death to be “punished”. It was suggested that you “forget” one random blueprint with each death and I very much like the Idea.

Sleeping bags are currently limited to those that fit on the screen. (I think its 8) When you delete one, you can use the old one again.

I have to say I hate the losing a bp system. Either you lose a bp you dont’t need or it is super common so that is a crap punishment or you lose something like a c4 or bolty bp and that is very severe just for dying.

“Just dying” - dying should be punished a lot more. Its a survival game. If you die, you literally FAILED the game target - surviving. They should limit it to 1 bed and 2 sleeping bags, then you could have enough respawn points to have a good choice but not enough to spam suicide-raid or stuff like that.

I know it is a survival game but honestly it has strayed far away from being that and has turned into something else. It obviously still is a survival game but I don’t think that is a main element of it it. It is very softcore. I hope you understand what I am trying to get at.

I know, yeah… i really hope it won’t focus even more on raiding and pvp. Then you could just play dayz or h1z1 or all those others survival post apocalypse pvp games.
I like rust because it is NOT like all those other games.
Survival always has pvp as an element, but it must not be the main element. Raiding is fine, fighting other SOMETIMES is also fine - but it should stay at “sometimes”.
At the moment it just feels like everyone is just using all mechanics and bugs just to harm others…

There should be a limit. Like on some modded servers where they limit teleporting.

Maybe you can only suicide 3 times. Or if you are stuck (Don’t know if the game can determine that) it doesn’t count against your limit.

Currently the only “punishment” for death/respawn is that your stats go to 50%.

Maybe if you suicide, you shouldn’t be able to spawn into a sleeping bag or bed.

Thats really smart

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I think that they should add the hand cuffs and you cant suicide if you are cuffed. And maby the lower tier would just ropes. you could struggle to get them off. The ropes should cost 100 Cloth and the cuffs would cost like 10 hqm and 100 metal frags. the cuffs would be like 50% faster to put on and would be harder to get out of.

Why are there so many wack jobs with enslavement fetishes running around suggesting BDSM shit all the time?

I would just log off then.

Well think over it again…If somebody just cuffed you and you were on 1000 food and 1000 “water” you will have to wait and stare at the screen for several hours and wait until you die.
Imagine some trolls just handcuffing or roping random newbies inside their bases or somewhere on the map…
Sometimes you have to view things not only from your position but consider how that naked newbie thinks about the game after being handcuffed and unable to move for at least 20 minutes. What a shitty game.
Rust already has problems with the joy of ruining other people’s game experience. (griefing etc.)

Well I think the rather small risk of losing an important BP is preventing you from suiciding and teleporting all over the map with your sleeping bags just to craft a thing for somebody and suicide again. The odds are higher to lose a BP that is pretty common, most of us wouldn’t give a shit if they would have to learn any of the low tier BPs again. But the risk is there that you lose you AK, BOLT or C4 BP but the really rare BPs are like 10 of 150.
If you learned a BP that you think is very important or very rare, you could just craft one of those and keep some blueprints frags in stock to research it in case you lose that BP on death.
I think losing a single random BP on death would make people try to prevent dying too much especially suiciding that much. (Just to get to the sphere or airfield in your sleeping bag for example)

I wondered the same. I don’t understand how that’s even relevant to the conversation of sleeping bags and beds. Someone just really wants to roleplay their kinky shit in game.