Sleeping Dogs Models v4: Definitive Edition

Now that DE is out, all of the Sleeping Dogs models already ported are obsolete. I’m in the process of completely remaking them all with new upgraded HD textures and bringing them to the Workshop.

Featuring bodygroups, skins, colorable shirts, and playermodels with first person arms.

Jade Gang[/t][t][/t]

Sun On Yee




I have been patiently awaiting this release ever since you’ve started posting about its progress, Joe. I am glad to see it finally coming to fruition.

They’re looking far better than the original release now that they’re significantly more HD. I look forward to the rest of your progress!

Super impressive, It’s nice to have some asian representation.

Nice to see more stuff ported by you.


They did improve the meshes as well, but we can’t get them because all the tools broke and absolutely nobody cares enough to do anything about it. Extremely frustrating really.

Excelents Ragdolls, Thaks for make this

When I’m using this as a player model I can’t change their colors at all. Does anyone know why this would be happening?

That’s because making them colorable as playermodels breaks the colors on the ragdolls. Separating them works, but it makes the file size needlessly huge.

I’ll probably include the playermodels in a separate download. We’ll see.

How does it break the color on ragdolls? It works fine for me, but this is granted that the only model I can test this on is the shadow model. It seems like it should work fine as long as a default color isn’t force set. If you send an example model to me, I’ll experiment with it.

Ah gotcha. I’ll keep an eye out to see if you upload a separate pack. Thanks.

It makes the ragdoll an ugly purple color by default, and the color tool applies a color over it instead of replacing it, making it black no matter what.

There is a “default” value in the VMT, but removing it doesn’t change anything.

If someone could help out that’d be great.

I’m going to be rather occupied for quite a while, so I unfortunately won’t be able to get Dogeyes, Benny or Ming for now.

I did finish these guys though, so I thought I’d put them out there. The second half of the pack will be uploaded when I finish the main characters.

Done! And it only took, what, three months?
See OP for pics/links as usual.

Even though I’m slowly transitioning back to Japan (Okami/Rising Storm/COD WaW), Sleeping Dogs will forever live on!

I don’t see anything within the direct download/source files. I wanted to grab them from there since I basically only use SFM now, and I’d more than likely find use in the head assets.

Whoops, forgot about those.

I’ll upload them along with the Sun On Yee on Sunday.

nice work

So, unfortunately my computer died, and while all my files are safe, I won’t have access to any modeling programs until I get a new SSD. Plus I have a ton of university assignments all due next week.

Sorry guys, these fellows will have to wait a bit longer.