Sleeping town before zombie apocalypse

ShaderAPIDX8::CreateD3DTexture: E_OUTOFMEMORY
Too many shadow maps this frame!
Save/Restore overflow!

Awesome as always, kalixx. I think it would need a bit more people (or zombies) to show what exactly is going on. Great job, nonetheless.

Awesome stuff kalixx.

Awesome, at that point it looks like a screenshot from another game.

you should really get into mapping, your maps would be insane.

Is this a map your working on? If so please release it soon. Also does the zombie’s actually come?

Actually, this is a scene build. He used props to create a “map” on his own.

Well how did he get the car on the ground may i ask? Also i spotted a gnome.

He posed them there. What else???

The non-based up racing car can’t go on the ground. Since there is a invisible block under it.

Look at the second picture. Can’t you see it’s a scene build. Not a map. A nice one at that to I might add.

And sure you can pose the car to the ground.

…no collide tool and addons may have bin made to do this

Kalixx I think you should pair up with a nice mapper, your concept art of a map looks amazing man.
That scenebuild is :krad2:

A little too cluttered, as is often customary for you, but still awe-inspiring never-the-less.

i really like this one

Awesome stuff, I really like it alot

very cool scene build

Are these public props, or yours? also kick ass photo =D

How do you make these scene builds?!

You use props, and stuff, to make city’s, forest’s, rooms, anything

I hate that d3d texture error, it fucks alot of my poses