Sleepingbag exploit

Since everybody is planting down a sleeping bag close to your house and keep harassing until you run out of ammo, breaking down your door etc. My idea is to make people spawn with bare fists and have to create a hatchet. You can break necessary materials with your hand but less drops, it’ll keep that harassment within reasonable time instead of a player hammering on the door 15 seconds after his death.

I’ve only watched streams so far, but a big fan of the game so far and love if this suggestion is remotely useful. :slight_smile:

EDIT: very sorry if a thread like this already excists.

“hey guys I went to a human-less area with just my fists”

Silly reply, same as saying “hey guys I went to a human-less area with just my pickaxe”

Or… Just add a respawn timer on the camp respawn button.

I think helk or one of the devs said in chat acouple of days ago that there will be a 5min cooldown on sleeping bags.

5 minutes may be a little too long. I’d say 1-2 minutes is more like it.