Sleepy has shooting hacks now.

i got killed by sleepy when he was at the bottom of my 10 story house and he shot me through the whole building and every floor and killed me. I then respawned inside roughly level 7 or so and he killed me when i respawned. I know he is a well known speed hacker but now shooting hacks make this really crappy =(

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky/use the hackers thread" - postal))

Any proof to consolidate this statement?

Like, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say, I’m browsing the forums as I was told the server was down. I’ve been playing CS:GO all day with my competitive team and I could probably get logs to prove it. I posted before about my account getting hijacked and was told it’s probably a Java rat, I don’t know what to do to get rid of it.

yeah he got me to now my house has disappeared to

Sleepy is the in game name of the hacker. if that is your account then fix your shit or you are just a hacker troll. As far as proof i don’t stream anymore and and its alpha so i don’t think that much proof is needed. And he is a renowned hacker from what i see now.

Trust me I’m trying, I posted on the forums then like 5 kids said I bought my account like idiots with a hive mind so I posted proof I was hijacked and reset my password. But now when I try to reset my password it says “User not found, or wrong password” so I can’t do anything. I don’t know how to contact mods or admins or what, or what to use to remove this.

they are probably in the process of banning every account that was using injects.

Sleepy is a hacker. Trust me i don’t have the game but, i have been on a stream today where there came in the chat that sleepy has speed hack and he got killed by him 3 times today. Then i found this . He gets killed by Sleepy, im sure he hacks.

Just get him banned i don’t have the game, but i don’t like hackers. Get them removed from the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres more than enough proof that only proves that someone on the account is hacking, whether that be him or someone that has infact hijacked the account. The only thing that matters is proof has been given and the account will be banned because of it.

That isn’t proof in the slightest. All that does it tell people you cry “hax” just because someone gets in a repeated kill.

This, right here, is the reason why we can’t have nice things.

hes a fucking speedhacker obviously you havent played the game as hes been all over the fucking place

Right now I feel like the kid everyone hates and call names, except I’m not even doing anything wrong.

Stop acting innocent, we all know its you

Do you have a thing for me? Are you trying to bully me cause you like me or something? I mean I understand if you think I’m cute and all, but following me all over the forums is a little creepy.

No, youre a 40 year old guy who likes fucking with little kids on a game that you dont deserve, then you come on the forums and fail at trolling everyone with shitty posts acting like a little afraid kid

Too much hate, need more love. (Old picture I thought it was fitting)

You don’t seem to understand. I didn’t say Sleepy was/wasn’t hacking. I’m telling someone that being killed multiple times doesn’t count as “proof” in the slightest. Don’t go nuts over it.

I really dont know how to reply to that, other than. If that is you, you look like my neighbor, and if you are, im gonna come down there.

Sweet man, hopefully I am. You can come check out my set-up and my non-hacked Rust. Can’t wait to see ya babe.