Sleeveless / Reskinned rebel models

Rebel models.

So, I’ve been looking around for some to toy with myself, but I can’t find any anywhere. Someone was kind enough to make me a model of my own with the same re-skin / attachments but it was on my old harddrive which I’ve lost in a house fire, along with some other stuff I had.

Down there


It looked like this just with the sleeves rolled up, it was never released and I’ve lost the link to the original models with the MOLLE and ski mask(balaclava and headset) attachments. So if you could post them here that would be great. I wanted to try and re-create the model myself using 3DS max 2011.

bump because i dont have photoshop to reskin my own models

and no i wont use gimp because it sucks

lol no

gimp sucks.

Fixed it for you.