Sleg Drug System

Hey kids.

I made this simple drug system addon for DarkRP. Here is a demonstration video:

Download: it includes all the info you need for it to work great (the download button is ugly, will fix)

Leave feedback here or there, just let me know what you think/want.

You should add more labs and things like that. A meth lab, cocaine lab, weed plants stuff like that.

Well in the config people can make it create anything they want. I can literally turn this into a gun crafting system.

Oh… So you don’t mind if I edit the shit out of this and make something really nice but use some of your code as the base? I would just post what I make here and give you all credit.

Go for it. You can add me on steam if you want.

One thing, how do I change text to look like this? lol

Just google ascii art.

Releasing a free addon to get traffic to your website. Not bad.

The website’s design looks very cluttered though, I’m not sure how else to really describe it.

Bro you just helped yourself.

Hahaha. We did that to test the comment system :stuck_out_tongue:

Really don’t want to bump this but the link is dead
P/s: can’t message the op neither

This thread is ancient, why bump it? Surely you can put one and one together and realize the link is dead and no one has commented?

It’s still in 2016, and I can’t find any other addon that do the job :l
Forgive me if this is too dumb

You would think a person with 250 posts would know better :v:

Why not?

Add me on steam.