slender man SENT

everyone remember the friendly companion cube? everyone remember slender man? I wish someone would mix the two.

once he is spawned, he will appear behind you. he will slowly begin to move towards you (like the companion cube) and when he gets close you will begin hearing “unnatural” noises. when you turn around, he will only remain visible for about half of a second, before suddenly disapearing. he would probably use a bald Gman model with no face. if he actually managed to creep up on you without you running away or seeing him, you would suddenly die and your corpse would disapear.

I think it would be really terifying to walk down streets alone in a night map with some creepy faceless thing stalking you.
I, having no experience in coding or modeling, would probably not do much work, and all credit would go to those who do.

Honestly, I believe someone could base it off of the “harmless companion cube” but just edit the model.

I like the idea, but perhaps instead of appearing directly behind you, he’s stands just at the edge of your vision, usually far away, hiding behind buildings and such, or walking just out of your vision giving you a brief second to look at him.

I want this.

good idea, and I like how well it relates to sightings, but how would he end up killing you?

He has tentacles, use your imagination.

This would be awesome. I just read up on the slender man thread, this would be perfect for horror videos!