Slender Man?

I’m not sure how familiar everyone is with Slender Man but I always thought it’d be cool to have a Slender Man model if at all possible I’d really appreciate it.

I’m pretty sure that one has been in the making for the last month.

Lol god damn, you beat me to it. I was just about to request this.

It’s already been made

Since search is down and I don’t trust people to know how to do a site-specific google search:

Gman reskin?:byodood:

Well, the Slender Man sometimes shows to have long limbs in some images, at other times, he’s in a normal human size. Maybe a short limb model and a long limb model could be made into a pack.

Hmm, it’s telling me the file is unavailable but I’m happy to see there was one at one time, maybe it’s a site error to where it was uploaded? I hope so.

if anybody’s got a copy, mirror it on up!