Slenderman Needed

Celebrating the success of Slender (Myself having no relation to the game at all) I figured i’d modify my weeping angel a little more to make it a slenderman.

I figured his tentacles would animate when he’s ready to attack. The standard slenderman lore

Tall, black suit. Blank white face, creepy tentacles. All the fun stuff.

To clarify, I just need the models. I’ll be doing the coding.
For slenderman i’d need 3 versions of the model.

Regular slendy just standing there
A slendy with his extremely long fingers extended.
Animating tentacles about to kill you slendy.

And… For lulz… Maybe an alternate Splendorman version that has a 1/50 chance in spawning… Who helps the player. So, slenderman with polkadots and a smiley face, and a flower in his hand.

My plan is not to just make a model swap. I’m going to attempt to give it as much functionality as slendy from Slender as i can. Looking at him will still freeze him.
It will also make the screen go all staticy, and his non face will pop up. Creepy music. All that jazz. So you cant look at him too long… He wont attack quite as fast as the angel.

SO! Any help?
Here’s some reference material
The knowyourmeme page has plenty of images, and some background information

Aren’t there already multiple models of slender man?

Couldn’t you just like, stretch the fingers for the second model and then hack on some tentacles from other models, and then compile them both to get all the slenders you need?

I can’t model at all… So that’s out of the question for me. And i’d prefer a unique model for this slendy. Not one taken from something else.


I’m not much of a slenderman fan. I just figured this would be something fun to make.

Slenderman model found in 5 seconds , if you are looking for his tentacles and elongated limbs then you must rig it yourself i’m afraid.

Also dude check out the entries on youtube for what Slenderman is really like, the Slender game ruined Slenderman and now he isn’t even scary anymore.

I didn’t mention that one because he doesn’t even look nearly tall enough. He’s what? As tall as the spy in that mod?

You do know Slenderman takes on the form of an average man.
When he lures you into his arms with his hypnotising blank face his limbs elongate as if to embrace you but infact it’s your end.
Thats why Slender ends with you staring into his face and only when he gets you does his tentacles appear.

Then i need an average looking slenderman model to go with it.
Also. I’d like to keep this thread on track. Know any modelers? Because I don’t know the first thing about it. Cant model, cant texture, cant rig. None of it.

Well there is your normal Slendy model,Sadly I do not know any modelers but I wish you luck on finding one , If I could do it I would to make up for the horrible Slenderfag joke.

Yeah, dude that was mean.

Well there is a mod for L4D2 which replaces Nick with Slenderman but I’m not too sure how its gonna work out to Gmod:

That’s all well and good. It’s a nice model too. I like the way they did his face.
But as I’ve said, I’d prefer a set of models made specifically for this mod.

If you wait for Gmod 13 too be released or get the beta you will be able too use the bone manipulator. Then you can make him tall and creepy looking…

Get kantha’s( or nantha, whatever the name is) model of slenderman, I have it myself when I requested the exact same thing, it wasn’t on garry’ though.

Uh, i thought that only worked on NPC’s?

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Got a link?

Model Manipulator? *Npc + MM + Slenderman ragdoll= Slenderman Npc?

I dont know much of the Bone Manipulator, so its just something worth trying and if it only works on Npc…maybe Garry should also make it work on ragdolls.

I don’t know where to find the link. It’s in the thread where I requested slenderman from the game slender.

I found another version here:

Ewww, that one looks awful.