Slide Back Then Open Door ?

Hi i need help making a door that moves back then opens like the vault door in fallout 3, it moves back and then opens to the right … can you please tell me how to do it in hammer ?

Func_door parented to eother a second func_door or a func_movelinear.

Thanks So Much IronPheonix.

And a timer if you dont want everything to happen in the same sec. :smile:

No, you have a button open the first door and then an onfullyopen output from the first door to open the second. A timer would be a waste of ent_data and would require more work.

or delay if you wanna be like that

Metallics way is still better. Your way requires figuring out how long it’ll take, with metallics it’s perfectly timed.

that’s why i said “if you wanna be like that” :v: