Slidey Car (Adv Dupe)

This is my second upload/release.

Using it:
A=turn left
D=turn right
Hold space=Fly

To all of those who hate hoverballs you’ll be pleased to know this doesn’t have hoverballs only thrusters.

Can Slide on ground
Float on water
Fly in the sky!

The download link is
To install extract the slidey car text file to garrysmod/garrysmod/data/advancedduplicator.

If you could, could you please give me feedback and improvements, (and tell me how to add pictures =P)

Upload an image to a hosting site like
When the page loads, find the box labeled “direct link” and copy it.

Use this when displaying images:


Oh, and next time I would suggest releasing something that’s more than 2 props welded together with thrusters attached. It may seem “cool” to you, but i’m sure everyone has done something like it at some point in time. ;D

No. Not imageshack. Use

… So basically it’s a model from phoenix… Ehh… Groovy?

Yeah i noticed that its just a Box.

yh ill try making a V2 which looks more attractive, its just the box because the box slides on the ground.

How is this a scripted entity?

i never said it was a scripted entity!?!

Well, its in the Scripted Entities Lua Released Section and this is not a lua.

facedesk I hate this place.

oh **** wrong section again! =P.