Sliding doors.

I know there are tons of vids/tuts on this but the problem is, I can not make a prop with func_door (There is no input for models/props, and when I try to make like prop_door_rotation and add a prop and then change to func_door the prop just dissapears. Does this mean I can’t add a prop for a door and only use block tool as door ? I’m using hammer in gmod/bin


You will have to make it a dynamic prop, and either parent it to a func_door or animate an opening sequence.

func_ is a brush (geometry) object.
prop_ is a model.

Func CANNOT handle models. It can serve as a parent, but what you’re doing is the wrong way of approaching the issue.

It is not possible to turn func_door into a prop. However, there is a workaround involving prop_dynamic. Just parent a prop_dynamic of your choice to a func_door and switch func’s render mode to “Dont render”.

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And tutorial project, how to do that, for CS:GO (replace entities with available with your game or just compile):

The game crashes when I come near the door (SPOT) the door is removed and I Still crash on that point.