Sliding Down a Rail

This was one of my first times doing muzzle flashes so tell me what you think. The hot rail-sliding action didn’t get into the final cut, blame Hunter.
Obviously inspired by John Woo.

Original: (If anyone wants to do their own version, feel free and I’ll add it to this post)


The editing is really nice and the posing is too, but you really can’t tell if he is sliding in the edited picture. I thought he was sliding on his butt at first on a really thick concrete rail, but hes actually sliding down a thin metal rail on his feet. So I would say 8/10 work on camera angle or, keep this angle (since it looks great) but show his feet.

^I agree, it needs a better angle or maybe posing him a bit more far down the rail.

Cool posing.

Posing looks pretty natural