Sliding glass door failure

Yeah, i’m not as good at hammer as i thought i was.

I want it to look like this

But it looks like this ingame.(???)

I want two of them so that they can be slid left or right freely. But it just ends up spawning right there and going left/right about 1 inch before it goes CLKUNK CLUNKC CLUNKC (closing sound)
And the glass isn’t even working! I don’t get what i did wrong, it’s a simple func_door, i don’t know how i messed it up like this.

That is some serious fail.

Upload the .vmf (door only) so we can look.

Remake it? Make sure you got the angles right, use another glass texture? I doubt its anything serious, should’nt have any problems really with a simple func_door.

Also, what Viral said.

Erm, getting closer

A bit better, and i fixed the glass!

Will it be third times’ the charm?



The problem with that is that i’m using an assload of custom textures, i don’t want to pick and sort out the one’s im using just for a download.

Then dont, thats why we have dev textures, just apply some of those and then upload it ^^.

I made a beautiful fireplace and if i put dev textures everywhere no one can see it :frowning:

Just upload the vmf, we aren’t interested in yuor fireplace, we’ll put up with some missing textures.

Alright alright, ill go mess up my map :frowning:
It’ll take me a minute or two thought, hammer just crashed fdfdgg

what entity is the door?
I’d say you made it a func_door_rotating
Make sure it’s a func_door

It is a func_door

Alright, here’s a download link, all dev. textures and i’ve butchered all the architecture that i don’t want stolen :frowning:

There we go, fixed, however your gap for your door isnt big enough I would fix it for you but your walls are sheared into so many pieces. You need to make use of nodraw aswell and ontop of that your walls arent thick enough for your doors causing a texture glitch. Those things need to be fixed.

Not sure why you bothered ‘butchering’ the architecture, not like I was going to steal it >_>.

Please next time you want help dont fuck up the map, PM it to someone if your so assed about it getting stolen.

Trial and error is the key by the way, or just thinking about which axis it will move on and by what angle.