Sliding text

How can I make a text slide across the screen?

You would do it in some kind of think function, where you add +1 to the actual x position of the text until it is out of the screen

[lua]local x,y = 0,10;
x = x + 5;
draw.DrawText(“This is a marquee!”,“ScoreboardText”,x,y,color_white,0)

Basic example.

Not the OP but the same thing applies to entire menus that would slide in and stop right? How would one go about making the menu stop at a certain point?

Same thing as Entoros posted, but you use the x pos for the DFrame, not the text.

why not use sin to calc where it should be , so that way you cant be sure you wont come across any erorrs like going too far off the screen and nevah seeing it again.

local calc = 50*(sin(curtime*50))

that will move 50 units across the screen each dirrection , at 50 degres per second