Slight to Major stutter in Spacebuild3

Hello everyone! I’ve been experiencing this issue since I got Spacebuild3 for the first time a little while back, and I thought this would be a good place to try to get some help. I’m not sure it’s directly connected to the mod but I only have seemed to notice it while playing the mod. The stuttering persists on both of my computers, which are both high spec.

I’ve been playing on the SB_Battlegrounds map since I found it to be the most high-quality looking SB map, and because of the build bays which make large ship construction easier, but if the map itself is causing the stutter, or you have a better map suggestion, please let me know! (The stuttering does seem to always persist on this map, haven’t tested it out, but it did appear to have a very very slight stutter when just walking around on the map before building anything).

I use smart constraint to weld the SBEP parts together, just due to how much easier it makes welding a lot of props together and no-colliding them in the process. I’ve read conflicting posts as to how detrimental to performance the tool is, but I run the tool with a low constraints-per-prop setting, usually 3 (This slider also determines how many no-collides each prop has).

My most recent MedBridge ship, according to ADV.Dupe, is composed of around 30 parts, and about 217 constraints though I’m not particularly sure why it’s such a high value considering that the max collides/constraints per prop was 3, meaning the max possible would be either 90 or 180 (I did do a little PHX plate patching up, but I only used 2 plates, which doesn’t explain the missing 37 something constraints. I’m pretty sure that after this smart constraining the stuttering begins to occur. It happens at constant intervals, lasting about .3-.5 of a second every 2 seconds. I even tried freezing all (or most) of the MedBridge ship’s parts in place and the stuttering persists. I don’t seem to have any noticeable FPS decrease, it’s just the stuttering that is the issue.

I was hoping somebody here would be able to help me fix the stuttering if it can be fixed, or if the fault is Smart Constraint, suggest an alternative strategy to putting ships together that wouldn’t cause the stuttering that Smart Constraint seems to be causing.

I’ll list the specs of both of my PC’s, with the specs of the one I’m on currently being in parenthesis.

My Specs:

-Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.66 ghz (Intel Core i3 540 @ 3.07ghz)

-6GB DDR3 RAM - Don’t have access to the PC at the moment but the RAM is rated at 1600mhz and I remember setting that in the BIOS (4 GB DDR3 RAM - Raw CPU-Z DRAM Freq. is 668mhz so I believe that means real performance is about 1300mhz)

-1 TB 7200 rpm HD (Same)

-GTX 295, single PCB version, core/memory/shader clocks overclocked about 10%-20% last I remember (Radeon HD 5850, stock clocks)