Slightly better w_physics

So I used the v_physcannon model and remodeled it to be a complete weapon (rather than 85% of it missing) and compiled it for the world model, because the old one was so ugly. Anyway, it works fine in Episode 2, but Garrysmod won’t take it. Is it a “protected” file? I noticed the garrysmod gcf has it’s own version of w_physics, not sure if that’s relevant. Anyway, here are some pictures.

For the people wondering how much work had to be done:

View from left:

View from right:

“slightly” Better? This is much more than just “slightly” better, it’s a fucking awesome improvement.

Only thing i can think of is perhaps changing the very rearmost part, on the default world model it’s like a handle, on yours it just appears to be a stump, looks too thick to hold like that.

I know you worked from the viewmodel but you could still change that, it might look very weird with players holding it, seeing as they hold the handle on the rear, good luck with getting it into Gmod.

You should put a pic of yours and the original next to each other, would make it easier to see the difference. Looks good though ^^

Holy shiiiiit. That must have taken a lot of time to patch up correctly. Looks really awesome, but it looks really uncomfortable to hold the way it is. I think the stock is actually used as a handle, so you might want to lengthen it or reshape it to look like it can be gripped.

I also noticed a little bit of texture stretching but since it’s a world model that shouldn’t be a problem. Not easy to notice unless you look really closely at it.

Are you going to release this?
Looks epic enough for a release.

Dunno, if I can’t make it replace the original, there’s not too much of a point.


Can you extend the back of the handle?

And something else about it looks off, but really good looking man.

Oh wow, yes yours is a massive improvement on the original :smiley:

Yeah, probably. I think the issue is that the w_ and v_ are drastically different. When I was working on it, I was thinking “what the hell, did they even compare these?”

Anyway, since I worked with the view model, it’s going to look more like that variant.

For the love of god, I hope you release this. I’d even be willing to try to help with whatever trouble you’re having if you release this.

Someone needs to get Garry to release the lock on the models included in GMod.

I never realized how far gone the old world physcannon was. Great work.

Wow, you need to make all of the weapons like this. Make 100% sure you replace the 357 world model! it’s shit!

This should be the official W_Model.

Valve should update all their Hl2 games with this world model.
It is really that epic.

If someone could get a hold of Garry and ask him about it, I’d be much obliged.

In the mean time, could you just release as a replacement for hl2?

I guess, though there’s hardly much point. You only see the w_ a very small handful of times.

Can you PM this to me? I’m putting together a HL2 pack with fixed/hd quality stuff

This is looking great man, I will definitely be following this, keep up the good work.