Slightly new look

In the next update the cloudscripts have their own tab on the spawnmenu, so there will only be one HTML control.

That means a new design is needed, so here it is:

Comments complains, suggestions welcome…

Very nice.

Looking good.

Not sure how I feel about them all being on a single row. Perhaps two rows tall rather than one?

Do like that this is getting its own tab now, though.

How about a button for All Weapons and All Entities, so that the Recently Most Popular bar isn’t that?

I think it looks better now, but the design is a bit buggy. For instance, I lost the scrolling bar while I was browsing.

I do like it though.

It looks great. I prefer the side scrolling actually. Although in the future, when there are tons more scripts, I imagine we are still going to need a better way to organize and search for specific entities.

And here is my other suggestion, I made a topic about it yesterday.

Love it

How do I see stuff that isn’t new, popular, or in my favourites?

The “new” tab just orders everything by upload date, it doesn’t just show recent uploads.

So you can see the very first upload if you go to the bottom?

Cool-- wait, where is my chair manipulator?

I wanted this.

To be honest, I liked it more before it was all in one row. Now I can only see 4-5 at once, and at the same time there is loads of unused space between them…

Bring the old look back! … or do something about the new one.

v dumbs+disagrees.

I still think that Gmac’s CS theme needs to be different

You should go for a custom scrollbar, the default one looks kind of ugly. has a nice replacement.

What browser are you using? In game it IS a custom scrollbar.

This looks really nice, actually.

Firefox. It looks great in-game though, so I guess that doesn’t matter.

The new custom layout crashes my copy of gmod, and some others. Everytime you view the comments of something, and then close it, it crashes.