[release][tab]Name:[/tab] SLIM PS2

[tab]Version:[/tab] V 2.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Slim PS2 and PS2 Memory Card

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] The need, the need for speed. G-mod, A Brain

[tab]Download:[/tab] See post. [/release]

Anyways the short awaited Slim PS2 is here. 2 models are included in the download, the PS2 and a 8mb memory card.


Version one contains: 1 ps2 and 1 memory card.


Version 1 download link.


Version two includes, Both Version 1 and 2’s PS2’s. 2 memory cards, both equally fucked physics wise, 1 controller that’s horribly skinned, and 1 plug for the controller.


Download link for Version 2:

Note: Tell me if I f’d up anything in the download.

Note: Filefront links to be up for backups later today.

It looks a bit small

Well it’s the slim version. It should actually be smaller irl.
Great job!

No controllers? :frowning:

I’ll release the controller with V2.

Awesome! :dance:

This is some fine work! Downloading now. :excited:

Could you do a Playstation 3 in the future? also very good work, gold star for you.

Fucking Winner


And gold star

@ Ben: Someone already made a ps3.

Also The V2 ps2 is already done and has about 3000 tris to it. I need to work on it’s skin, finish the controller, and fix the memory card and sometime in the next few days a better one will be out.

Reason for V2: I figured out how to fix the problem I was having getting anything to work on the back.

This thread is 75% epic and 75% win.

Very good!

I know it would look great.

And realistic.


Well it says slim PS2 so it is small…

The freaking manual that comes with the slim PS2 is bigger than the PS2.

Shouldn’t it be 50% epic and 50% win?


Add phong for some sexy plastic reflection on the black skin.

It’s the right size. Have you ever seen the Slim PS2?


150% win is better than 100%, don’t you think?

In other news: WHY HEATH LEDGER, WHY?

It is too small, I have a slim and yeah.

But… But… I HAS MATHS :frowning:

Well nice model. I used it. I just wish the memory card did not fly around gm_construct.

Sorry bout the memory card still trying to fix it, it has a weird bounding box and it’s too heavy.

Also again the playstation it the right size I own one and scaled it to match with the in game proportions. And if it is too small it’s probably like an inch too short. I’ll try to make the more detailed version 2.0 a tad bit bigger.

Yeah just heard about him. :frowning: