The sling is a ranged weapon that has been used to hurl stones, clay, and even grenades at the user’s enemy. Introducing this weapon to Rust will further enhance the danger that early game players possess. This can only be a good thing for Rust. I believe that the sling should be a cheap alternative to the bow, costing only 100 wood and 20 cloth. It should have two different types of ammunition; stones and lead balls. Stones (ammunition) is will cost 5 stones to craft, coming in pairs, while lead balls will cost 20 stone and 5 metal fragments. The sling, once introduced in Rust, would be a weak early-game ranged weapon. It should take at least 4-6 hits to down a person with stone and 2-4 hits with lead balls. The reload time for the sling should be somewhat faster than the bow. It would add more diversity to combat in Rust, which, in turn, would improve gameplay.

They made some concept art a while ago: < not updated anymore but still worth sharing


Now my hopes of them adding it to the game are virtually crushed. :cry:

Maybe one day…

The bottom left one resembles Borats Mankini LOL