Slings in rust

i always seem to have a large excess of stones and so i was think what if they included a sling as a weapon (not a slingshot as their stupid and no where near as deadly). The sling could cost 5 leather to build and stones could be crafted in to stone ammo; 1 stone to 5 stone ammo. I was thinking the weapon should be similar to the bow, having no reticule, very high damage output and a spin time which would determine the distance of the rock. Hits would also caused the injured status effect, they were recorded to shatter bones in ancient times. here’s a link just in case i didn’t describe it properly

Sound good :slight_smile: Might be a nice way to get rid of all those stone.

Unless we include stone walls in the future ofcourse.

stone buildings and walls would be amazing!!!

Yeah, right…

this sounds good, we need something to do with all those fken stones

My old basic slingshot was powerful enough for hunting rabbit and small bird. It had piss all power compared to slingshots with tighter rubbers. All these elastic powered weapons are the way to go. Should be able to make a high fps bow to shoot arrows further and with greater damage.

the ancient sling would shatter peoples bones through armor, if the slingshot was more effective it would have been adopted instead


Well. Looks like you’d need “some” practice before the stone will hit anything smaller than a crate if you aren’t talented with those weapons.
You can aim with slingshots. You can also hold the energy and release whenever you want, just with a little construction that would take less then an hour to make in real time.
You can use smaller and sharper, more penetrating stones. Or arrows. Or bullets on a stick, in case of a slingshot rifle. Throwing grenades with the sling would be awesome, though. They did it in WW1 I think.

A simple sling would be way easier to make, since you don’t have to search for rubber.

that’s a fair call, they both have the benefits i think the sling is more damaging but a slingshot definitely has more versatility as well as accuracy.

The damage is done by the ammos weight and density. As well as the speed used for the sling or strenght/draw length of rubber for the slingshot.
You can shoot a .98in steel ball through a rather thick plywood board if the rubber and draw length is strong/big enough. I’m pretty sure it would crack some ribs, even when wearing kevlar.

Look at the devastating power compared with handguns.