Wouldn’t slingshots fit seeing as how we have bows. It would also give another use for stones for ammo. Then you could up grade the ammo by melting scraps into lead balls for more damage. I just find it way more fulfilling when I get a kill with a bow compared to a any gun. So I think I would feel the same way about a slingshot it’s just more fun when you can’t just completely mow somebody down and it takes a little bit more skill.

It would do little damage,but it could be very effective when killing chickens and bunnies.

Eye shots should stun the enemy?

lol. would be pretty funny. One stuns a kevlar, while 4 more naked men with stones destroy him >:D

Well rocks probably do shit but break few noses. But lead balls I feel could definitely kill. I mean indians and shit used to fight and kill with it :smiley:

Mechanics could be similar to those in Chivalry -

Head popping fun :slight_smile:

I agree. Getting kills with a bow make you feel down right awesome. It would be more fun in my opinion if guns were harder to make some how and you had use other simple weapons to start off with like clubs, slingshots, bows, spears, machetes etc. I think having a somewhat lower class of blueprints like homemade ones that are common to find instead of actual blueprints which would be for guns and such would be cool as well. Also to make crafting even harder there could be a failure system were once you use a blueprint the next time you craft that item you have a certain percentage of actually crafting it or you fail but keep some of the material used but forget how to craft the item (because it could be a faulty blueprint) and have to find another blueprint for it that would actually work.

[editline]12th October 2013[/editline] watch his videos on slingshots…enough said haha