Slippery Banana


I’m looking for someone to script a banana sent that will(when people run/wak over it) cause them to slip(ragdoll) for about 5 seconds, will also cause objects that touch it to be pushed away, and if possible, cause vehicles to get spun out of control.

Epic chase, throw a banana and have the cops slip on it, get away

And if your really interested, make a swep that throws them!

If anyone decides to do it, good luck to you! :slight_smile:

I’ll code it, but I need view models and world models.

You’d just need to make it so the prop kills them, and then a force pushes from under the ragdoll to a give a “fallback” effect.

Or just turn them into a ragdoll :colbert:


I’d really prefer it didn’t kill them :stuck_out_tongue:

A little forcer that flings there feet up would be hilarious though


Oh, and here’s the prop model, its from CSS

models/props/cs_italy/bananna.mdl, Helix