Slippery Floor Surface?

I am trying to make a floor that has a “$surfaceprop” of “ice” slippery. I thought it would be slippery by default being that it is ice, but it is not. Is there a way to change this so that it is infact slippery?

Help would be appreciated as this is the only bug left in the map. :confused:

I think there was something instead of ice that was slippery… try “mudslippery” I think that is also a usable surfaceprop.

Well, it turns out none of the $surfaceprop modifiers are working. All they do is determine the sound that it makes when you step on it.

look for the slime texture, then try func_slime.

There is no “func_slime.”

EDIT: Turns out this whole time that the problem was Garry updated something. The slippery effect doesn’t work in any other map that does have them >___________>. There goes hours of trying to figure this damn thing out…

you could use a trigger_ push.

Check out this map for more information:

It’s a rollercoaster map that somehow uses water as a lubricant. Not quite sure how that works, but perhaps it will be useful for you?

It doesn’t use the water as lube. The cart simply floats on water. It’s a water roller coaster.

It’s push triggers on that rollercoaster…



hey hey. Just trying to be helpful here.

I never said it didn’t.