"SLOB IS AWESOME GMODLAU RULES" is spammed on my server

I have a problem,sometimes I get people on my server randomly spamming:

SLOB IS AWESOME GMODLAU RULES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsOwFWXtr7w

Also they spam allot of wooden chairs which causes server to lagg.

Does anybody have any idea about this?

It is a lua virus. I’d suggest deleting any folders in garrysmod except for data, addons, maps, spawnicons and cfg.

/I just hope you haven’t been silly like 90% of the community and installed addons directly into lua, models, materials instead of making a folder in addons/

Thanks for the info,although its not me having this issue,but people who come on my server do it and cause my server to lagg so I was wondering if there is anyway to stop it serverside.

yes this is happening to my 2 favourite servers. it’s very scary because the 3rd time he crashed the server he was permabanned. 5 minutes later he did it again. im worried.

i havnt watched the youtube video. is watching the youtube video giving them the lua error or is the video advertising the ‘addon’ which gives the lua error?

Its not. Could be, but i doubt it. Its a .lua file disguised as something else so you wont think its bad, then when its put into its folder, it copies itself when its run into your Lua folder and runs itself, causing massive spam and lag.

So anyway to stop this from people spamming that “SLOB IS AWESOME GMODLAU RULES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsOwFWXtr7w” on server.

Ban them.

Or not.

Also, it seems to just be a rebind of your keys. Just delete your cfg files and you should be fine.