SlobBot V1 Public - LUA AimBot, Wallhack, DarkRP Wallhack, "AntiBan" and more!


What is SlobBot?

SlobBot is a clientside Lua AIMBot and some other tools.

SlobBot Features:

  • Supper accurate AIMBot (with the quick fire, team and mouse lock options)
    Note: It takes -1 second to kill ~10 people with a FiveSeven with the quick fire interval set to 0
  • WireFrame mode
  • ESP / Wallhack
  • DarkRP wallhack (shows where the DarkRP items are) + a toggle mode for it
  • “NoBan” - a script which changes your name to other player’s name every 0.01 seconds (perfect for HLSS)
  • A special menu for all those tools

How to use:

bind <key> +wots_menu
bind <key> +slobpos

Type wots_ in console for other commands.



JetBot for code snippets.

Why do people keep making aimbots?

No life.

Everyone’s over 5 second sweps, now it’s about 5 second aimbots.

Here’s a tip:
People can install ScriptEnforce.

Aimbot Generator! 5 second aimbot generator, does all the code for you!

I spend 16 hours coding a day, so you can shut the fuck up.

We don’t like AimBots, so you can STFU yourself.

Don’t like it? Don’t post! Contribute to the thread!

Oh no, 16 hours a day!

That doesn’t mean you were coding well for 16 hours. Or 1 hour. Or 10 minutes. You can see where I’m going here.

That post didn’t contribute, why did



My post contributed in the way that it points out that time spent on a project is in no way an indicator of the project’s or the programmer’s quality. This one points out that you can rationalize a lot of things easily if strict rules are not in place.

You got my download :slight_smile:

You didn’t update the server crasher I see :slight_smile:

Client scripts are always fun.

I have a question to other coders: Is his script actually “bad” from a coding point of view, or is it just bias?

No longer operational.

People can also bypass ScriptEnforce.

What the fuck ? Please ban this troll account. It’s Sadistic Slayer.
Also I made the SlobBot from scratch.

The normal scrub who dls aimbots off of FP will have no idea how to bypass SE considering there are no more SE bypasses publically available anymore.

So, the first poster/creator of this thread is a troll? LOL