Slope Runner

I made this map to fly my sail plane on. (the sperotzer - or something-) and decided it is an awsome place for slope saoring with rc foamies. So I built this flying wing thats controled by joystic.

It only uses fin, nothing else. its moddled after a real life uav im building.

It’s a cool plane, But the map however is more intresting to me.

Seems like a build map that isn’t all flatgrass but mostly displaced terrain.

Please share it with us.

Sure I have a few, never released them cause there are so many thousands of maps now, it wont be recognized. I love it. its HUGE and has 3 different runways. and a cliff where you can base jump, or parraglide or whatever. also a hanglider ramp on one of the bigger slopes. you can download it at

Allright, But what is it called then?

its on the video : gm_slopes

man, you make the best flying things for gmod. looks sweet, ima get the map too

awesome, I’m too cheap to buy joystick… but still awesome =D

ardupilot sonnnn

good work

0:45 what were you doing ??

What this is mass cool

You WILL upload the dupe of this AMAZING plane.
Oh, and that AMAZING map must be uploaded, too.

The map’s nice, and I like your UAV. But, how come the fins aren’t moving when you’re going up / down, speed?

I think they move very little. Its a very lightweight teeny tiny plane that weighs nothing.

Yeah, as I thought, but it’ll mainly be because of the speed.

Also, your map has a leak (white water).

no it has no leak. its just that I set the for to 255 255 255 so it looks like a realy bright day.


I will, but you will need joystic to fly it. I will make a fin 2 tut today (since over 20 people have asked me)
so then hopefully you can make your own.


you know aurdopilot? cool, prob is its expensive. damn I wish I had wiremod in rl.

Nice map, and the plane is amazing. I would love to learn how to make planes glide like that.

That is awesome, plus the filming and music makes it even moar win.

Good job

Im uploading a tutorial on making a little plane right now. But it might not be the best.

Woot, thanks for the tut!

Appreciate it man, thanks alot!