Sloppy noclip bug?

Hello, I rent a gmod server and since a few weeks theres a weird bug involving movement. I’ll try to describe this as best as I can. When you walk or run, and then stop, theres a weird back and forth movement, it’s very small but you can still see it. That’s not so bad, but then when you turn on the noclip, it seems to multiply the effect (probably cause you’re faster with noclip) and it gets very hard to move around accurately. Anyone heard about this? Anyone actually got that problem too? Is there a way to fix it?
Thanks for reading

ctrl for super slow, ctrl + shift for semi slow and shift for super fast.

Get your server updated, that’s what happens when servers aren’t updated but the clients are(new noclip style)

oh, didn’t see the rented part, i thought it was a listen server.