Internet test?

whats the program called that you can use to figure how many slots your internet can handle

This one seems good :

You may use sites such as to see what upload speed you have.

Speed / sv_maxrate = maximum slots.

So if you had 200KB/s with 20KB/s rate, you would be able to host a maximum of 10 slots.

Speed = upload

For the uneducated, KB = Kilobyte, Kb = Kilobit. 128Kb/s = 16KB/s and 128KB/s = 1024Kb/s.

So if you had 2Mbps upload (256KB/s or 2048Kb/s) then to figure out your maximum slots do the following:

256 / 20 = 12.8. You would be able to host a maximum of 12 slots.

And, lets face facts. Your likely going to use that connection for other things - so take two slots off your maximum slot count.

Sorry, I know I rambled. I just wanted to get my point across.

Nah your answer is fine thanks for the answers guys :slight_smile: